The most powerful and fastest single-kingdom castle tracking bot for Lords Mobile is here

But you will be able to track multiple kingdoms at once, at no extra charge, at the cost of reduced overall speed. You can change kingdoms yourself, at any time, without any restrictions. KVK goes or not, there is no difference.
And also independently create new group chats and connect different kingdoms to them for greater convenience.

Speed available to everyone



  • Full scan time: Soon.. seconds
  • Self replaceable Accounts: Soon..
  • Max Kingdom connected: Soon..
  • Max Active Tracking targets: Soon..
  • Cartograph: Soon       ...
  • Cartograph Guild: Separately
  • Feature set: Partial

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  • Full scan time: ~640.00 s to ~20.98 s
  •  Connected Accounts: From 0 to 32
  • Max Kingdom connected: 4
  • Max Active Tracking targets: 1
  • Cartograph: 1 User 50% Off
  • Cartograph Guild: Separately
  • Feature set: Full

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Fast x1

  • Full scan time: ~160 seconds
  • Self replaceable Accounts: 4
  • Max Kingdom connected: 4
  • Max Active Tracking targets: 1
  • Cartograph: 1 User 50% Off
  • Cartograph Guild: Separately
  • Feature set: Full

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Fast x2

  • Full scan time: ~80 seconds
  • Self replaceable Accounts: 8
  • Max Kingdom connected: 4
  • Max Active Tracking targets: 2
  • Cartograph: 1 User 50% Off
  • Cartograph Guild: Separately
  • Feature set: Full

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Fast x4

  • Full scan time: ~40 seconds
  • Self replaceable Accounts: 16
  • Max Kingdom connected: 4
  • Max Active Tracking targets: 4
  • Cartograph: 1 User Premium
  • Cartograph Guild: 40% off
  • Feature set: Full

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Terms and conditions


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The widest functionality

check_circle11! customizable alert types:

check_circleTracking of any shield removal. Flag if the shield is removed due to moving onto the wonder lands

check_circleAutomatic tracking of the movements of all burning and smoking castles in all connected kingdoms (knocked out of the wonder land, for example), and even those who would avoid tracking by others bots by renaming the castle.

check_circleTracking reinforcements and outposts in castles. The best result is achieved when using the X2 and X4 versions.

check_circleThe richest collection of statistics, metrics and analytics for each castle.

check_circleQuickly view a player's profile as if you were in the game, with additional useful statistics.

check_circleKeep track of name changes, guild changes, name swaps, leader returns in all connected kingdoms. Now you can find out when a new castle arrives or leaves your kingdom. You will also know to/from which kingdom he moved.

check_circleThe time of the last activity and history of recent activities with the type of activity (including VIP points and might from quests), the time of the last burning + the difference in might after burning to determine the amount of the restored army.

check_circleHeat map of activity in the kingdom. Useful if you are looking for a new kingdom and want to know how active it is and where the main action takes place.

check_circleDetecting hives in the kingdom, displaying the coordinates of the center of the hives

check_circleActive tracking. All in one. Forget about constantly using the same commands every 2-15 minutes for a small change in a tracked information. Report on each movement, constant monitoring of activity and statistics, notification about fury timer updates. Automatically change the name of the tracking target if it tries to avoid being tracked by renaming the castle.

check_circleTrack one target with the fastest update interval among others, or track up to 4! targets simultaneously at 5 second intervals.

check_circleKVK migration timer tracking (Beta)

check_circleInformation about castles with prisoners, display of prisoners and approximate remaining time until execution (useful for planning pardons).

check_circleSearch for players by part of their name, in all commands where a player's name is required. Here you do not need to enter the names of the players completely and exactly as in the game.

check_circleInformation by guild tag:

check_circleSearch for castles without a shield by might, search for castles in fury by might. Display fury timer with a difference of no more than a second from the game.

check_circleAdvanced search function for castles according to your set of parameters. For example, you can filter castles by might and last burned time to make it easier to find leaders. Or find castles without a shield, with camps outside and a last active time of more than 3 hours, if you need a target for rally. The full list of filters can be seen here.

check_circleCharts of activity with three customizable time axes for different time zones for each castle or completely for whole guild, with a division into the type of activity (farming, neutral, aggressive) and automatic detection if the account has a bot farm.

check_circleView the player's guild history and history of name changes in the connected kingdoms. Ability to view the entry/exit history of players for a guild.

check_circleCommand to get the nearest 30 castles at your coordinates that are without a shield and last burned more than 12 hours ago.

check_circleDisplaying the time how long the shield stood before it fell

check_circleShow if the leader of the target is in jail

check_circleMight from quests for all castles. Might from quests will no longer be displayed, even outdated values. The bug has been fixed by the game developers.

check_circleCoordinates of special monsters that are only available during events. Notification when someone summons a monster, Huey Hops for example. The map of the distribution of monsters on the map will also be made if there is a demand for such a function. Lucky Card Chests included.

check_circleRally alerts with the amount of lost might and troops.

check_circleAn indication that the target has camps outside the fortress, in order to quickly check the target's current formation. Coordinates of all camps in the detailed information about the target

check_circlePossibility to view equipment sets of players, including astralite level. View sets by category, theoretically best set of equipment that a player has, and view all player items. Calculation of army attack stats for each set, army hp, speed and attack for each troop type.


check_circleAlmost everything can be customized. Types of notification (only shield notifications needed? no problem. need a full set of notifications? easy, and does not affect speed), number format in messages, etc.

check_circleConfigurable minimum castle level, minimal activity time for shield drop alerts, minimum might, and maximum might for fury alerts

check_circleDoes not require installation and the presence of an always-on computer

check_circleThere is no need to keep the bot in a guild. The bot does not need to migrate, the bot does not need to be moved around the kingdoms

check_circleRapid deployment. The bot is ready to work in the new connected kingdom in 3 minutes.

check_circleFunctional restriction mode in telegram groups so that only administrators can manage bot settings, switching kingdoms, etc.

check_circleThe ability to add guilds to the filter so that the bot does not show allied guilds, for example.

check_circleThe ability to set any emoji or text hint as a label to the castle or guild, in unlimited quantities.

check_circleTelegram and Discord supported. Both can be connected at the same time.

check_circleSupported languages: Russian, English, Spanish, French, Deutsch, Arabic

It's amazing! How can i get it?

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Terms and conditions

By purchasing a subscription to LordSatellite (hereinafter referred to as "bot") you agree to the following terms:

  1. You get a bot for personal use. Any fact of reselling one bot to more than one client and without the knowledge and permission of the author of the bot will be considered as a violation of intellectual property rights.
  2. Violation will be punished by immediate termination of the subscription and disabling of the bot, without any refund of the remaining time.
  3. If our service continue to experience problems with the “Classic” version (FastX1,X2,X4) for an extended period of time, you may request a refund based on the remaining time of your subscription.
  4. When you purchase a subscription to the “Dedicated” version, you supply accounts to the bot yourself for its operation. Loss of accounts due to a ban or the user’s refusal to add accounts to the bot for its operation is not a reason for a refund.
  5. Lack of knowledge of these terms does not release you from liability.