Change History

Curious how the bot has evolved? Everything is described here since the beginning of its public distribution

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Version 10.08.22

• Added an option to /settings to hide shield drop alerts when a castle is moved to wonder lands. Messages about the drop of the shield, when the castle moved to the wonder lands to remove the shield, and then returned to its original place, will also be hidden.

• Fixed a bug with the calculation of the lifetime of Lucky Card Chests, which led to their immediate removal from the database. Changed the display of the number of remaining cards.

Version 09.08.22


• /adt - to change the time zone in the /ad and /adg commands.

• /adg - guild activity chart by tag.

• /nch - history of name changes in the connected kingdoms.

• If, based on the activity chart in ad, the bot detects that the castle is periodically controlled by a farmbot, it will try to separate the activity of the bot and send the chart without it.

• Rebalanced activity categories in /ad and /adg. Red - actions that cause fury. Blue - rally and scouting, not causing a fury (dark nests), or joining rally. Green - collection and transfer of resources, hunting for monsters, football. The data for these charts will be cleared on 08/11/2022 so that they do not merge with the new ones.

• Now, while a subscription to any version of LordSatellite is active, you can get a premium subscribe to @lordsactivity_bot just for 5$.

• Lucky Card Chests was added to /mobs.

Fixes and improvements:

• Fixed a bug causing /adv to hang. The filter by which castles will be selected is now always displayed. Added cancel request button.

• Fixed buttons in /es when selecting the type of equipment sets.

• Fixed activity history where the list of activities would start showing from the end when it overflowed.

• The !news command should now work in Discord.

• Changed the logic of the rm filter in /adv. Now rm>0 also include castles that have any amount of restored might.

• The mechanism of working with players profiles has been completely redesigned. Performance has been improved for the Regular and Fast versions of bots. Duplication of notifications has been fixed for X2 and X4 versions when changes are detected in the profile when using /at. In the Regular and Fast versions, the database cleaning period will automatically increase to avoid premature deletion of profiles when 4 or more kingdoms are connected to the bot. In versions X2 and X4, the /at can be used in multiple modes. For example, in the X4 version, where 4 active tracking targets are available, you can track 4 targets at once with a period of 10 seconds, or 2 targets with a period of 5 seconds, or 1 target with a period of ~2.5 seconds.

Version 23.07.22


• Arabic language.

• The /getbots command, to display the castles in the kingdom, which are used by bots to monitor shields. With a sufficient number of reports, it is possible to disrupt the work of the bot.

Fixes and improvements:

• Fixed a bug with displaying the status of the bot when scanning was in progress, but the status was "Inactive".

• Fixed a bug that caused the /es command menu when using /ah.

• The result of /ggh is now output to a file.

• Now there will be no wave of reports about "new" castles in the kingdom, when they return from the Dragon Arena.

Version 14.07.22

Fixes and improvements:

• Discord: Guild filter (/gia) now works according to the setting in Telegram.

• Added display of the home kingdom of the castle if it does not match the current one.

• The list of parameters for comparing profiles has been increased. If the castle rename is detected by the profile scan before the map scan, the bot will try to get a new castle name based on the analysis of the old and new profile.

• Numerous other improvements to stability and accuracy of player assessments. Work is underway to modernize the entire system for evaluating player actions in order to increase the accuracy of its work in bots of the Regular and Fast versions (not X2 and X4, everything is ok with them). In these versions, it is still possible to skip the rename and lose tracking if the name exchange was made in a short period of time relative to the full time of the kingdom update.

Hotfix 25.06.22

• Adjusted the id of the Phantom Knight, /mobs and notifications now work. Added display of % monster health.

Version 24.06.22

• Administrators will now be mentioned in telegram when a new bot update is released or when a subscription ends.

• Added restored might to the /adv command output. Fixed rm> filter when castles without information about restored might were included in the result.

• Added might, kills, activity, burning time and an icon if the castle is under a shield to the notification about the return of the leader. Now you can immediately assess whether it is possible to take the leader again.

• Stability improvements, reduced reconnect timeout after in-game maintenance has been completed.

Version 20.06.22

The game developers have fixed a bug due to which the castle stat had might from quests, so there will no longer be a display of might from quests in the bot. Outdated might values will not be displayed, even in abbreviated form and under the guise of "fresh" values.

Fixes and improvements:

• Added a filter to /adv based on the amount of might restored after a castle was burned down.

• Changed description for /t and /ts commands.

• Changed behavior of lb and at filters for /adv in case of missing information about castle activity.

Version 12.06.22


• The number of active tracking targets has been increased. For X2 version - 2 targets, for X4 - 4 targets. When adding a new target, it will be added to the end of the list, in case of overflow, the target added to the list first will be overwritten, etc. The /st command has been changed. The command now accepts a name as an argument. When used with no arguments, a menu for selecting the name to delete opens.

• Added /adv command. With it, you can get castles from the database according to your own parameters. For example, if leaders are needed, you can request castles whose leader is free, last burned more than three days ago and without a shield. Or if you need a target for rallies, you can filter castles by might, without a shield and with camps on the map to check the phalanx.


• Reduced waiting time for results from commands such as fgs,z,m.

Fixes and improvements:

• Fixed text shift on the map /hm

• Now you can view the history of the player's activity stored by the bot for the nearest period. The last 8 actions are in /a, the last 36 actions are available in /ah.

Version 03.06.22


• Enabled data splitting by chats. Now, for example, when using the /m command in a chat for kingdom 100, it will not include castles from kingdoms connected in other chats. This option can be disabled in the bot settings and enabled by default.

• Added /hm function to display a heat map of the kingdom based on castles activity. A simple and quick way to evaluate the overall activity in the kingdom, when migrating for example.

• There is an option for limiting the functionality of users in the chat. The first option - all chat users have access to all functions. The second option - kingdom management functions, settings, as well as active tracking are available only to chat administrators.

• Any coordinates from messages sent by the bot in automatic mode (shield drop, movement, name change, etc.) are copied to the clipboard in a format recognized by the game when clicked (they will be active when sent to the game chat).

• Added the ability to track any castles arriving or departing from a kingdom, with an indication of which kingdom the castle flew to or from. The option is in the /v menu.

• Added spawn tracking for special monsters. Phantom Knight and Huey Hops. When they appear on the map, the bot will send a notification. The option is in the /v menu.

• Added tracking of reinforcements and outposts (Test feature). The information is available in /a. The faster the bot, the more accurate the result will be.


• Added the ability to separate the kingdoms attached to the bot into different text channels.

• Command set updated. All information, as usual, is available through !help.

Fixes and improvements:

• The mechanism for evaluating marches on the map has been reworked. More detailed activity recognition based on marches. Fixed a situation where in rare cases the bot could write about the fall of the shield about the castle, located under the shield, and active fury timer with 6 minutes remained.

• Fixed a bug that caused the immediate removal of mobs from the database immediately after they arrived, which prevented the /mobs command from working.

Version 22.05.22

Fixes and improvements:

• Fixed a bug with switching kingdoms. The bot continued to scan the old kingdom after the switch.

• The bot now recognizes the use of familiar combat skills. Fixed a bug where the Bon Appeti familiar attack was recognized as an army attack.

Version 20.05.22

Fixes and improvements:

• Fixed guild change history search by tag when the tag consisted entirely of numbers.

• Fixed duplication of rally notifications for high-speed versions of bots.

Version 19.05.22


High-speed versions of the bot are ready. Upgrade applications are open. The performance is better than what is advertised on the website. In the near future, the information on the website will be updated to the current one and a video demonstrating the operation of the X4 version will appear.

• Now the bot will pin its notification about the expiration of the subscription time in the chat if it has enough rights to do so (Pin messages).

Fixes and improvements:

• Fixed /v behavior in chats connected to more than one kingdom. Settings were saved only for the first of the connected kingdoms.

• Fixed inaccuracies in French translation.

• /help message corrected. Emphasis has been placed on links with tutorial and FAQ, required reading.

• Disabling message rewriting did not work for the /es command (iPhone users may have observed the bot not responding to the command).

• Improved the algorithm for renaming and evading detection. Added another way, for greater reliability.

• Many minor fixes and improvements, scan optimization.

Version 03.05.22


• Added German language

• Player's guild history - /gh and view history by guild tag - /ggh . History will start collecting on the day the update is released.

• The /near command to find nearby castles without a shield that last burned more than 12 hours ago.

• /mobs command to view all event monsters.

Fixes and improvements:

• Fixed operation of buttons in chats with a bot that are not tied to a kingdom.

• Guild change notifications fixed.

• Messages of the same type sent in a short period of time will now be combined into one.

• Images with item sets will now be sent in albums with a maximum of 10 per message.

• Discord now also disconnects when the bot runs out of time.

• The size of the message with the bot commands has almost reached its maximum, and has been split into two parts: /help and /cmds .

• Label if the castle is under the shield.

• Display of might change in both directions when tracking is active, in two formats.

• The near and m commands respect ignored guilds.

Version 22.04.22


• Added setting to choose the preferred number format (1,000,000 or 1.0M)

Fixes and improvements:

• The fgs algorithm has been changed. The result will now be displayed in parts, 20 castles in each.

Version 21.04.22


• Added leader level display to shield drop and leader return messages

• Added a set of commands for filtering guilds by tag, /gil /gia /gir

• Added a command to get castles without a shield by might, /m

Fixes and improvements:

• Discord message titles should now be underlined

• The bot should now correctly work out situations when the camp was burned down, and the new one was immediately removed

Version 14.04.22

IMPORTANT! Check the bot settings and set the desired update method. If you don't know what it is, leave it as it is. Bots of the experimental branch will soon be selected for transfer to another server.


• Notification of the end of the paid time, automatic shutdown in case of delay in payment for more than a day.

Fixes and improvements:

• After the last update, the bot did not always remember when the castle put up a shield or burned for the last time.

• Minor change to the /fgc command to make it more clear.

• Automatic updating of the telegram chat ID when changing the group type to a supergroup.

Version 11.04.22


• New commands - /fgc /mybot


• Error with determining the coordinates if the castle flew to another kingdom, but did not change the coordinates.

• Now the bot monitors the dark nests, if they suddenly appear on the site of the castle after its teleportation.

• Added setting to select update type, experimental or stable.

• Automatic switching of the tracking target when it is renamed, displaying the name exchange even if this type of messages is disabled by the filter.

• When trying to request the activity of the castle using /a, the bot will write if the castle has been renamed and is no longer available by this name.

• Many small fixes and improvements

Version 31.03.2022:

• Improving stability. Preparing for an update that speeds up the bot by 1.5-2 times. Further updates will be only after kvk.

Version 28.03.2022:

• Camps of Fury has been fixed. Again. Thanks to those who report bugs!

• Small external changes in commands to improve usability

Version 25.03.2022:


• Added French and Spanish

• Added language option in bot settings

• Updated command set in Discord

• Added bonuses to most popular items. (High level items, 40-60)

• Astralite level is taken into account when calculating bonuses


• Fixed captive leader display if he was the last one to be freed/executed

• The /ad command has been redesigned. The execution time has been reduced, the storage period for the activity history has been increased, but the activity history will have to be collected again.

Version 22.03.2022:


• Fixed false detection of a fury when a player sets up a camp

• Other small fixes";

Version 20.03.2022:


• Added /es command. View the player's equipment sets saved by the bot. Only those sets in which the bot saw the player will be displayed. If the castle is abandoned or shows little activity, the sets may not be in the database due to the large update time for such castles. Most of the sets of active players have already been collected. For those who change to war set only for hit, /at can be used to increase the frequency of the player's profile check by the bot.

Now the bonuses are not counted accurately because they are not yet loaded for all items.

• Added bot general settings menu. Suggestions for its filling are accepted (for example, changing the language).

• Added smart active tracking. When repeatedly using /f or /a for the same target, the bot will use /at for that target if active tracking is not currently in use.

• Added target fury timer update to active tracking


• Players located in kingdoms not tracked by the bot will be gradually excluded from observation.

Relevant for the period after the KVK, and does not allow bot to reset the base instantly when switching kingdoms during the KVK

• Changed the scan mode

Future plans:

• Adding remaining armor and weapons to calculate bonuses

• Filling the website with information about commands, adding an army calculator in the castle by reinforcements.

• Update speed up to 20 seconds, 10, real time

Version 02.03.2022:


• Restored work of the /ad command after switching to the global activity database on 26.02

• Fixed a bug where at the time of using /at, the activity "equipment changed" of the tracked castle could be falsely noted once

• Stability improvements

Version 26.02.2022:


• Now the bot remembers the might that the castle had after it was burned. Might, and the difference from the current might, will be displayed when the shield is down or on command /a.


• Fixed issue with might from quests when it stopped showing in /a

Version 20.02.2022:


• Weeding out castles less than level 17

• Update activity on changes in statistics and profile

• The /a command has been redesigned. Added might, kills and might from quests

• Rally alerts


• Now the difference in might and kills when tracking burning and smoking castles is displayed again

• Fixed /at and /ad commands not sending result if nickname ended with numbers