Premium features

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Find castle location

Looking for enemies or want to know where your friends are?

Our bot helps you find the player's last known location


Guilds list

Want to know which guilds are in the kingdom?

Our bot gives you detailed information of all the guilds, leaving or arriving, players in the kingdom, their language, home kingdom, etc.


List kingdom migration

Finding a kingdom to migrate by the might of your castle, the percentage of activity of the kingdom, and more...

You can export this as spreadsheet or see the online report

Online report example

List kingdom premium

Paid version of the kingdom list

In this paid version also includes the WOW timers in 2 formats, and the top 4 languages in each kingdom, among others.


Top 100 players

You can get the list of the top 100 players of any kindgom


List of all active players

Paid version of active players

You can get a list of all active players in a kingdom


Migration Assistant

Get the cost of migration for your entire guild, also the migration information in sequence.


Guild Monitor

Detailed data on your guild growth, such as total power, kills, gift level, and detailed stats for each player


Wow Info

You can get WoW express summaries pre-sorted in two different ways:
1. By time, before the start of the next WoW.
2. By the duration of the last WoW.



With mentions, you can find mentions of a player on the news board of all kingdoms. You can see how many times they attacked, when they did it, the damage they inflicted, etc


K71 Info

You can get about kingdom 71
Get information about whole event, find your opponents by kingdom number or just find out which group a guild belongs to by its tag, as well as the number of its previous victories


Also, most features are available for Points without purchasing a subscription. Details in the bot.